Room hire

Because Bristol South Aikido Dojo is a permanent site for the club, we are able to offer some of the building’s spaces for hire to other clubs and individuals. Two rooms are available to hire.

Main dojo

This is the building’s largest space, approximately 20m x 9m with a high ceiling and permanently laid mats on the floor. There is a small carpeted area at one end with seating for around ten people. It is directly adjacent to the dojo’s kitchen, which has a kettle and refrigerator.

This space is used by the club on Monday, Tuesday and Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, and so is not available for hire at these times.

Main dojo 1 Main dojo 2

Side dojo (“The Red Room”)

The small dojo is around 8m x 5m in size. Almost all of the space, except for a narrow band at one edge, is matted. Two walls have mirrors; there is also a wall-mounted fitting for a heavy bag. Both of these spaces are ideal for martial arts training, yoga, fitness training or parties. We ask that users of these rooms are respectful of the dojo, and avoid damaging the mats.

Small dojo 1 Small dojo 2

Social room

The dojo’s social room has a sofa, table and chairs and a bar (unstocked), and is suitable for meetings, small group activities, mother-and-toddler groups or other non-physical activities.


Interested parties should contact Daren using the details at the foot of this page.